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Aespa's "Better Things" - Making a Statement, But Did It Float or Sink?

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Making a comeback with the new English track "Better Things," following their previous track "Life's Too Short," which honestly didn't make the biggest splash. So, did Aespa finally turn the tide with this one, or is it just another drop in the ocean? (Okay, I should stop with these puns.) Anyway, Aespa - a GIRLS group all about KWANGYA, killing BLACK MAMBA, while being SAVAGE enough to take on NEXT LEVEL! Does it make sense? Exactly, that’s what most of their K-pop singles are, and somehow, K-netizens were riding the wave with them. Go figure!

"Better Things" was released tonight as a celebration of their world tour; hence, it is all in English. And how is the song, you may ask? Well, let’s just start with the visuals. The MV is very pretty and ethereal to watch. It's like a fantasy under-the-sea adventure – the Aespa girls are just hanging out at home, like all of us, when suddenly, boom, a sparkling fish shows up and takes them on a journey through the waves. Visually, it's a feast, though some of the concepts might've gotten caught in the net (okay, last time!)

Yes? Oh, right, we were talking about the song – it's my fifth listen while writing this review, and honestly, I'm struggling to find one good thing about the song. The simple two-chord piano intro, well, it's something, but it just lacks that oomph compared to their other releases. The chorus feels a bit directionless. However, things start picking up momentum as the song progresses, particularly noticeable from the bridge onward. This is where the track gains momentum and those occasional bursts of vocal prowess (Hi, NingNing! You really did that, huh?) really start to shine – definite highlights. Lyrically, the song's basically telling everyone to stop wasting time because Aespa's got better things to do. I mean, they are making money, having number one fans, and we can see them at their sold-out shows. (Kinda felt a tad awkward being told to get a grip when reviewing music – it's kinda my job, after all! Gagged, maybe! Quite the shocker, right?)

Overall, am I slightly underwhelmed? Maybe. "Better Things" needs a splash of that Aespa magic, but I'm hoping they'll catch us with a killer track soon! Good thing this is just an English release.

Rating - 2.5/5


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