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aespa's new album 'Drama': more addictive than your favorite k-drama!

Hear that?

four asian looking girls staring in the deserted city

The queens of the KWANGYA, aespa, are back with a bang! Buckle up as we SYNK into the NEW WORLD which is their fourth album, aptly titled "Drama." These girls have been making waves in the industry for a hot minute and with each release such as "Savage", "Next Level", "Spicy" and more. Now, on their fourth go-around, can aespa prove that they are not just a girl group - but a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving K-pop universe? Let's find out:

1. "Drama"

Let's start with the headliner – the title track, "Drama." Starting off with "Ya Ya I am the drama", well, time to buckle up cause this one's a wild ride through a musical dimension you didn't even know existed. aespa flexes their vocal prowess, weaving through a futuristic soundscape that's part sci-fi, part ethereal dreamscape. KWANGYA, you know? The chorus hits like a plot twist in your favourite K-drama – unexpected, exhilarating, and you can't get enough. It keeps getting better! The visuals in the music video? Next level (Did you see what I did there?). It's like they raided the wardrobe of intergalactic royalty. "Drama" isn't just a track; it's a KWANGYA experience.

2. "Trick or Trick"

Moving on to "Trick or Trick" – and let me tell you, it's a certified bop. The hard-hitting beats will have you grooving from the first note. It's like aespa grabbed the best of the era, and brought it back to the future. The bassline is so groovy; that it's practically a crime. Picture yourself in neon lights, rocking some retro threads – that's the vibe "Trick or Trick" delivers. It's the kind of track that makes you wanna dance like no one's watching.

3. "Don't Blink"

Time to kick it back into high gear with "Don't Blink." This one is an adrenaline shot to your music library. The beats are so infectious; that you'll be hitting the replay button before the track even ends. aespa takes you on a sonic joyride through a world where blinking is not an option. It's bold, it's fierce, and it's the anthem for anyone who likes to live life in the fast lane, so don't blink!

4. "Hot Air Balloon"

"Hot Air Balloon" comes in like a breath of fresh air after the adrenaline rush. Aespa experiments with a lighter sound, creating a pleasant escape. The track succeeds in providing a moment of serenity, but it lacks the dynamic punch found in some of the album's more standout pieces.

5. "YOLO"

Get ready to turn the energy back up with "YOLO." Aespa is serving up a whole mood with this one. The beats are bold, and Aespa's confidence shines through. However, the track falls into the realm of predictability, both lyrically and musically. While it's undeniably catchy and provides a dose of empowerment, it doesn't quite reach the heights of innovation seen in some of the other tracks on the album.

6. "You"

Now, let's slow it down a bit with "You." This mid-tempo gem is like a warm hug for your ears. The vocals are tender, the melody is heartfelt, and it's the kind of track you play when you're feeling all the feels. Aespa proves they're not just about the bangers; they can serenade your soul too. "You" is that track you blast when you're reminiscing about that summer romance or staring out the window on a rainy day. It's a mood, it's a vibe, it's everything.

7. "Better Things"

"Better Things" attempts to bring emotional depth to the album, but unfortunately, it falls into the realm of predictability. While Aespa's vocals are undeniably powerful, the track follows a formulaic structure that fails to set it apart. The melody, although comforting, lacks the innovation found in more standout pieces on the album. It comes across as a safe addition, contributing to the overall sound but ultimately failing to leave a memorable impact.

In a nutshell, "Drama" isn't just an album; it's a blockbuster experience. From the mind-bending title track to the groovy "Trick or Trick," the heartfelt "You," and the high-energy "Don't Blink," Aespa takes you on a journey through emotions, genres, and vibes. So, whether you're in the mood to dance, reflect, or simply get lost in the music, "Drama" has got your back. aespa has levelled up, and they're not just playing in the K-pop game; they own the entire soundtrack of the universe. Press play, and let the drama unfold.

Rating? 7/10

Tracks to loop: Drama, Don't Blink, You


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