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Mamamoo+ Returns with a 'Two Rabbit-tastic' Comeback - Bunny Confused!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

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Mamamoo+ Solar Moonbyul

So, here's the deal – this is the debut mini-album that Mamamoo+ (a sub-unit of Solar and Moonbyul) has released. Now, I've gotta be honest, their past music didn't quite hit the mark in terms of their creative prowess. So, imagine my reaction when I was feeling so skeptical upon hearing that they were coming back with the mini-album. (Yeah, I wasn't exactly jumping up and down for it!)

Kicking off with the first track, "Intro: Two Rabbits". When I hit play, bam, I'm hit with this completely unexpected sound. Short and snappy, and a total departure from what they have released – except, well, if you exclude Mamamoo’s stuff. Then comes the main course, "DangDang." It's the title track, and it's got this bouncy, feel-good, and playful vibe that's supposed to make you all warm and fuzzy inside. But here's the catch: I felt a bit "meh", then felt “wow” during the bridge. Then "meh" again during the final chorus. Not their worst, but definitely not a total win either. “Like This” is a very good throwback to 2016-Mamamoo with some jazzy twist and a groove that just hits right. Don’t forget, this ain’t Mamamoo or the counterpart album if there's no tear-jerking moment in the album, that is “Starry Sea” and “Save Me”. The former hits you right in the feels with Solar's honeyed vocals and Moonbyul's raspy magic. That little extra instrument at the end? Pure gold. Meanwhile, the latter is an R&B ballad that got me going well, but then I just realized that it is like an OST song – it's good, but it's kind of "anyone could do it" vibes.

Now, let's talk big picture. "Two Rabbits" by Mamamoo+?

Let's just say it's not exactly their finest hour. Maybe my expectations were off the charts (unlike their chart performance, okay let me not be mean). It's not a bad album per se; rather, it is too simple. Too simple that anyone could have sung these songs, sure but those people ain't packing Solar and Moonbyul's vocal firepower. I'm hoping they've hopped into some creative ideas for their next comeback.

Rating - 6/10

Tracks to loop - "Intro: Two Rabbits," "Like This," and "Save Me"


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