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NewJeans' 'Get Up' Review - Stepping into Sounds, Rating Up!

Since bursting onto the scene, they've been totally owning GP's attention with hit after hit. Think "Attention," "Hype Boy," and their whopping 13-week streak at #1 with "Ditto." Yeah, they've been making waves for almost a year now. And guess what? They're back with a bang, dropping their second mini-album titled "Get Up." And you know what else? We're diving in to see what vibe they're bringing this time and how it's vibing with both the GP and fans.

The first track, "NewJeans," kicks things off with some UK Garage synth action. Bassline and percussion? Check. They're totally in the spotlight, and the lyrics are like, “Look, it's a new me/ Switched it up, who's this?/ 우릴 봐 NewJeans/ So fresh, so clean.” It's like a sneak peek into who NewJeans is all about.

Moving on to "Super Shy," which was very well received when it was released – upbeat, cheerful, just like the first track but with an extra dose of oomph from the drums and bassline. And the lyrics? They're all about that crush that's got you feeling all giddy. (Sound familiar?)

Then we roll into "ETA," bursting onto the scene with bold horns and beats while calling out their friend’s cheating partner! No holding back! And that "What's your ETA? What's your ETA?" part? You won't stop nodding along.

"Cool With You" slows things down a notch – a bit mellower than what we've heard so far. But, gotta be real, this one didn't quite hit the bullseye. The constant repetition might have played a part... maybe a bit too much!

And then there's "Get Up," the title track. It's so good that it's almost a crime how short it is. The production is minimalistic and ethereal, practically begging you to press that replay button – like, press replay right now.

Closing it off with "ASAP," it starts off dreamy and then takes an unexpected turn halfway through. You'll find yourself wondering, "Hold up, did I miss something?" Plus, the repetition vibe here gives you a mix of "wait, what?" and "okay, yea no I'm done," especially since it's the last track from the album, y’know?

So, final thoughts?

Overall, it's a solid mix of sounds. But honestly, they're still figuring out their groove. Little bummers? The album's on the shorter side and can get kinda loop-like, but hey, it's working for them, right? Well, it's not surprising that the NewJeans' fanbase will eat this up, considering they've been breaking records left and right.

Rating: 7/10

Tracks to loop: Super Shy, ETA, Get Up


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