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Twice's jihyo's Solo Debut Knocks It Out with 'Killin' Me Good

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Alright, round 2 (or 3 if we count "MISAMO") – with Jihyo taking the stage after Nayeon's "Pop." As the leader and vocalist of Twice, she's stepping into the spotlight with her album, ZONE, and the captivating track "Killin’ Me Good." Interestingly, I had thought she would be the first one from Twice to go solo given her exceptional potential. Thus, Nayeon's unexpected release (a bit of a "Pop," don't you think?) took me by surprise.

Now, "Killin’ Me Good" – that's the track we're diving into. It's like this ultra-smooth, groove-packed number that hooks you right from the start. Imagine a blend of R&B and New Jack Swing, all wrapped up in Jihyo's sultry vocals – it's a musical combo that hits just right. And can we just take a moment to appreciate Jihyo's sultry vocals? Also, can we just pause and appreciate that post-chorus goodness after the "Killin Me Killin Me Good" hook? It is like an automatic hands-up-for-dancing reflex. Just can't help the fact that she is killin’ me good! Okay! Here’'s the thing: production-wise, it might give you déjà vu, especially the bassline. And yeah, the track does have that generic-ish feel, but Jihyo's vocals definitely bring in a fresh twist. So, if "Killin’ Me Good" is Jihyo's signature, it's a solid choice. She's rockin' it! Mother is just mothering!

Hold up for a round of applause for Miss Jihyo's moment in the spotlight – she's reached a whole new level of stunning. Remember how amazing she looked in "Perfect World"? Well, she's like, lemme take it up a notch. This type of style fits her vibe really well. She was serving vocal, your honor, choreo, emotions, and of course the rain, what else do we need? She is absolutely mesmerizing in this music video. Problem? There were a few scenes where it is showing that CCTV camera filter, that just ruined it. Let’s say there is a creative difference that she has no option but to add it to the music video (We must demand a fan’s version soon!) The plot of the music video is quite simple; her journey from being in love to heartbreak and how it is killing her to be away from him.

Next up on my playlist is a date with her album "ZONE" – gonna see if it lives up to the buzz. Now, let's circle back to the track – is Jihyo's solo "killin’ me good"? A part of me wanted to say yes, but I must admit, this debut is pretty darn impressive! I am damn sure she has the potential to create even stronger material in the future. One thing's crystal clear: she knows her game plan and she's here to conquer, no doubt about that.

Rating - 4/5


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